Our little guy

Isaac was born on February 10, 2009 at 3:33 am
He was 7lbs 13 oz and 20.5 inches long.
Not only that but he came out with big hands and big feet and a cute little mongolian spot right on his bum! Most everyone that has seen him thinks he looks a lot like me and not much like Josh. The second he was born Josh and I came to the same conclusion. I told Josh that I pretty much could have made this baby on my own! Actually his facial expressions are a lot like Josh's and as he grows, Josh is starting to show up a little bit here and a little bit there. He's just been a lot of fun...amidst the crying and pooping and tooting and sleeping and eating. The other day Josh's dad was holding him and he started pooping and tooting a lot. His dad said, "You have to use your talents. You can't do math and you can't read, but you're really good at pooping!" When Isaac was inside of me he would suck on his wrist a lot. When he came out he had a huge blister on his wrist. The nurse said, "I have heard of that before but I have never seen it!" To this day he still sucks on his wrists all the time. Sometimes when I am trying to nurse him he will get frustrated and give up trying to go for the milk and will suck on his wrist instead.

One story - Two Versions - Three people.

Both Josh and I wanted to create a blog to share with our friends and family. In an attempt to catch everyone up, we decided to have an FHE activity where both of us share our version of the last 2 years in our first blog post.

Josh's version: She said yes! Its been great! Time flies. Isaac is getting so big.

Mary's version: In February 2007 I met Josh for the first time. My mom was visiting and we were just taking a walk outside the apartment complex. I saw Josh heading into his apartment and yelled “Hey, are you new in the ward?” That is the phrase that started this whole thing up I guess. Almost three months later and only having gone one three TOTAL dates; I was left thinking that there was no chance of a relationship with this guy. I decided to do what I had been planning on doing for over a year. I put in my mission papers and got called first to the Utah Provo South mission. I announced this to my relief society for the “good news minute.” A few weeks later the church decided to change my call to the Rochester, New York Church Historical Sites mission…which I also announced in relief society for the “good news minute.” A month later I announced yet another mission call to my relief society sisters: The Multiply and Replenish the Earth Utah, Provo mission. After months of “hanging out,” and a few weeks of what Josh calls “power dating,” we had a temple date set for August 18, 2007.

A year and a half later, our sweet baby Isaac joined the family and has been a tremendous amount of fun for the both of us. I've included pictures below from Isaac's photo shoot when he was 5 days old.

Well, that is our story in a nut shell. Rather than spend months catching up on the past, I plan on simply being consistent from this post forward.