Computer Anyone?

How many of you out there have had to search for your computer/video camera/wallet/checkbook/etc....on a daily basis? Let me explain why I have to. I usually keep my home pretty organized. I usually know where most of the items are, but often these specific items in my home go missing and I often spend 10-20 minutes everyday looking for them. Frustrating? Humorous? I like to think that all of us have a little bit of the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for one thing or another. This happens to be Josh's. 9 times out of 10, as soon as we find the missing item I hear Josh exclaim, "Oh yeah... that's where I hid the... (fill in the blank)" sometimes this is followed by him rapping, "OCD...Yeah you know me..." Josh likes to hide our expensive electronic items in different places around the house so they won't get stolen if someone breaks in. More often than not I find myself laughing as I look for these items. It's one of the quirks about our marriage that I kind of like. I mean how many people can honestly say that they look for their computer everyday. It's like searching for the buried makes it all the more worthwhile once you find it!

Isaac's 1st Parade & Fireworks!

One week ago we went to the Orem Summer Fest. They have a big parade and then a couple of hours later they do fireworks. The nice thing about the parade this year was there were clouds overhead blocking the sun. Normally it is scorching while we watch the floats go by. The clouds were a bad thing, also. They brought rain pouring down on us! It was actually a blast. We got Isaac all covered up and warm and then we walked to my brother- in-laws house for some hot cocoa and apple-cider...all this in June! Can you believe it? We were all soaked and wet haired by the time we got there. After the rain died down they shot off the fireworks. We put Isaac in the car and went to find a parking spot. We got really close and pulled Isaac out. He was fascinated, as I am sure most babies are, by the fireworks. We plugged his ears so the loud "booms" would be somewhat stifled out...I am not sure how good of a job we did though. It was such a fun family evening. While we were watching the fireworks together, Josh made the comment, "This is the stuff movies are made out of." What a great moment.

Isaac was so tired while we were watching the parade. He fell asleep half way through it. There were two girls standing above me screaming at every float! I wanted to look up and say, "Hey, I've got a sleeping baby here," but then I realized that I was at a parade. =0) So I got up and moved. Hehe
..."and the rain came tumbling down."
Isaac's first kiss...besides me. This is my cute little niece. She just loves Isaac! Both of our hair is wet and curly from the walk home!
Watching the fireworks...the stuff movies are made of!

Family Pics

These are the family pics you have all been waiting for! The girl that took these is Katie Torriente. She took Isaac's 5 day old pics also and I just love her stuff. If you want to see more of her stuff you can go to her blog:
Thanks Katie!

These are just a few of my favorites...

My cousin did one like this with his family and I really wanted to get one of our own...I know strange that it's feet, but I thought it was so cute!

Forever Family

There has been an empty picture frame hanging in my family room for over five months now. I hung it in anticipation of a future family picture, not realizing that it would be hanging there empty for almost half of a year! Well, last week we finally went and got families pictures taken. It ended up being so much fun. The photographer had a little dog that Isaac kept staring at the whole time...we will have to see if there are any pictures of him actually looking at the camera!

After posing for our family pictures we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple openhouse. It was such a neat experience having my little family in the temple even though it hasn't been dedicated yet. Isaac was so peaceful the whole time. In one part they invite everyone to sit down in the temple while they talk about sealing families together. When they finished speaking, Isaac let out a little happy sound. Before we left the sealing room, we held up Isaac and looked at our family in the mirrors on opposite walls. People call them them the mirrors of eternity because the reflection seems to go on forever. Josh and I have seen our reflection in these mirrors many times, but we had to laugh when we saw an infinite amount of carseats!

When we got home we did a few of our own little family pictures to put up on the blog.

The Expression Says It All!

Alright...I just had to do this. I have been itching to do it pretty much ever since Isaac was born!

My baby Einstein! Love the expression!