Little Moments

I just have to write a few things before I forget them.

Lately the flies and the mosquitos have been outrageous this summer! A few seconds with the door open and you have let droves of bugs into the house! Ugh! As a result I have had Isaac come stand by the door and once I open it we make a mad dash into the house "so that we don't let the flies and the mosquitos in!" A couple of days ago Josh was urging Isaac to come inside quickly. Isaac got a smug little grin on his face, started walking very slowly,turning his head side to side, and in a slow neener-neener-neener voice said, "I'm letting mosquitos in. I'm letting mosquitos in."

I don't think I have painted my toenails once since Isaac was born, but about a week ago I just really needed a break and decided to go and get a pedicure. I did a bright pinky-purple nail polish just to remind myself that I am a woman! When I came home I was doing something and Isaac was walking by me looking at the ground. When he came to my feet, he looked up at me with pure shock on his face and cried out, "Mom, your toes is pink!" He was worried and thought I needed a band-aid!

Josh and Isaac were playing together with blocks that have letters on them. Josh arranged a few and said, "Isaac, this says 'Josh'." Isaac then arranged about 12 letters, pointed to them and said, "Daddy, this says 'Isaac Wobert PanCott!'"

Josh had been working a lot doing some big tax returns and as a result hadn't been home much for awhile. Isaac had been missing his dad quite a bit. One night I told him that, "Daddy is on his way home!" Isaac started laughing really hard. He said, "That makes me happy." Then he reached up and started rubbing his eye. He said, "I scratch my eye, there is some water in it." Aw...his first experience crying because he was so happy!

I feel bad that there are just so many stories about Isaac and so little about Luke. But anyways, Luke is on the verge of crawling but not quite there yet. He rocks on all fours and scoots around and rolls to things he wants to get to. He has the BEST sense of humor and his personality is as rolly polly as he is.

Luke will also let you know when he is REALLY mad about something. For instance, like when Isaac takes toys away from him or teases him with somethings he wants.(Does it start this young really??) When he is upset he does an earthshattering scream that can actually be quite startling. I made one humorous discovery about him today. Luke really likes dancing to music. I guess I always knew this, I just wasn't aware of how much. Today we turned on the "Mickey Mouse Club March" on our piano. We do this occasionally and dance to it. Today he really wanted to keep dancing. Every time the song would end Luke would let out his shockingly loud scream/cry. There were REAL tears. Wow. This would continue until we turned the music back on and then he would immediately revert back to giggling and laughing again. Oh, and he had just woken up from a long nap so being tired wasn't why he was giggling and laughing and then crying. I am very interested to see what this kid is like as he grows up. Or should I be nervous! ;-)

Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles!

Isaac is weened from his binky! With almost NO effort on my part! Can this be? Almost a week ago now, I spent the day trying to find his binky. He fell asleep for his nap and I continued to look so that if he woke up I could give it to him. Couldn't find it. That night he went to bed without it. Didn't even ask for it. Has only asked for it two times in the last week. Each time I told him I couldn't find it and gave him applejuice instead. This really is a miracle. I truthfully didn't know how I was going to ween him. He loved his binky. I tried several times and gave up and then just decided to stop worrying about it because his speech was ok, his teeth were ok and all other things that can be a problem seemed alright. But this is much better! Isaac basically weened himself. A small miracle for which I am VERY grateful!

Another wonder that I have recently gotten to experience is Luke learning to sit up all on his own. Such a pleasure to watch my babies learn new things. He is so happy when he is sitting up that it makes me think that babies learn a certain amount of self confidence even from these seemingly small things.

The last miracle is that my downstairs is actually clean! Hip Hip Horray! I can bask in the cleanliness of it for a few hours until it becomes a disaster once again! Here is a small poem that gives me some comfort in this regard:
Excuse This House:
Some homes try to hide the fact that children shelter there.
Ours boasts of it openly, the signs are everywhere!
For smears are on the windows, little smudges on the door.
I should apologize, I guess, for toys strewn on the floor.
But I sat down with the children and we played and laughed and read;
And if the doorbell doesn't shine, their eyes will shine instead.
For when at times I'm forced to choose the one job or the other,
I want to be a homemaker-but first I'll be a mother.

I Wanna Be Happy!

Here are a couple cute stories about Isaac this week.

The other day I was changing Luke's diaper and he had just done a "good poop." Good color, good consistency and a good amount! He hadn't had that for a little while and so while I was changing him I was saying things like, "Oh Luke, your poop is looking SO good. That makes mommy so happy!" Isaac also was excited that Lukes poop was making me so happy. Later on, after that diaper change was long forgotten I was changing Isaac's poopy diaper. I was almost done and was just putting on the new diaper when Isaac looked up at me and said, "My poop make you happy, too?" I immediately began congratulating him for a diaper well filled as well! So cute!

The other day Isaac fell off of the couch and bonked his head. It had hurt him pretty good and he was crying really hard about it. Through his binky he kept saying something that sounded like, "awabeeuppee," over and over again. I finally pulled out his binky and asked him to say it for me again. He cried, "I wanna be happy!" I really love this kid!

Happy Mother's Day!

I thought I would just post a few pictures and some stories for Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day Grandma's! I hope you enjoy this!

Stories first:

Awhile ago we taught Isaac the First Article of Faith which he memorized. Each time he would say it we would cheer and tell him that he did a really good job. After awhile I guess we weren't reacting well enough to his reciting because Josh had him say it to my Grandma. He began, "We believe in God the Eternal Father, (then he got a sheepish little smile and said) and in Isaac!" We all laughed so hard! We tried and tried to get him to say it the correct way again but I am not sure we will ever hear it the right way again! He even said it to our pediatrician with his little change. Isaac will do ANYTHING to get people to laugh. And he is pretty good at it.

Isaac is a very obedient little boy. The other day he started to throw a tantrum because I told him not to do something he wanted to do. Out of frustration I said, "Isaac, please don't cry right now!" He looked at me trying now to control his crying and with a quivering lip said, "Please cry, Mom?" So obedient that he even asks me if he can cry!

When we were at my brother's wedding reception a week ago we looked over and Isaac had all of the kids at the wedding sitting in a little group in front of him. Isaac was performing lots of silly tricks to get them to laugh. It was working! They were laughing hysterically! This went on for about 15 minutes. We caught some of it on film...I will have to see if I can get Josh to download it sometime.

Luke is getting so big! No really. He is 6 months and somewhere in the 20-23 lb range. I will let you know for sure in a few days when he gets his wellness checkup. Someone in the ward commented to me that he and another very big little baby boy we live by, are going to be the "linebackers of the ward." I am feeling very ready for this kid to be able to crawl!

My favorite part of the day with Luke is early in the morning when I am first waking up. I usually sleep with him and wake up with him in the crook of my arm squirmming around letting me know it is time to get up. Most mornings when I open my eyes and look down at him, he looks up at me with and enormous grin! I wouldn't trade that moment everyday for anything!

Happy Mother's Day Mom and Trudy! To two amazing mother's who have affected my life enourmously. Thankyou! I love you!

For my brother's wedding we got the boys and Josh matching ties. They all wore them again for me for mother's day!

I like to call this picture "Luke Suave!"

Tough Guy Isaac!

Luke and his Great Grandpa Bushnell!

Josh caught Luke's adorable smile! His whole body wiggles when he does this smile

When Luke is sad in the car Isaac holds his hand to help him be happy.

Josh caught a very proud Isaac stacking candles. I don't know why but this picture of Isaac by the waterfall really reminds me of Josh.

Luke and Grandpa Whiting. My dad has a way with babies!

This is funny to know. Almost everytime we take a picture of Luke his eyes get REALLY wide. I guess the flash startles him so it has been really difficult most of his life to get pictures of him where he is making a normal face...they are pretty funny though!

In this picture Isaac was really yawning and it just so happened to look like Luke was yawning, too. So funny!

A Cry For Sanity...

Have you ever been talking with someone and when you are walking away you look down and see a massive booger clinging to your shirt? And it takes every ounce of self-control you have to not run back to the person to say, "It's not mine! I have kids!" Here's another question. Have you ever lost it? I mean really lost it? And no matter how hard you search through that big pile of dirty laundry or underneath all of those soiled diapers you just can't seem to find it? Well, yesterday was my day to REALLY lose it. It was a VERY bad day. The kind where everyone has been screaming for so long that it is not possible to think anymore. All rationalization is gone. At this point a loud noise came out of my mouth. I named it, "the Cry of Insanity." I am a little embarrassed to admit it. But, hey, Luke and Isaac both stopped their own screaming simultaniously. Isaac just looked at me like I was crazy. Okay, I have just one more question. Has your husband ever brought home a thirty foot parachute that he bought on Ebay? A picture says a thousand words, and I think this one says it all. My only consolation is that there are 38 neices and nephews on Josh's side of the family that might be able to get some use out of it.

Here are a few cute little stories about Isaac:

Isaac was really sad about something. I said, "Hey Isaac, can I see a smile on your face?" He replied, "No Mom, it's sad."

Isaac, Luke, and I had gone for a walk and Isaac lost his binky while we were out. We went back out and searched long and hard for it and were finally home again sitting in our family room. Isaac asked me again for his binky. I told him it was lost and that we couldn't find it. He sat there thinking hard for a second and then said, "chupete?"(Probably spelled totally wrong, sorry.) That is the spanish word for binky that Josh and I use for code when we don't want Isaac to know we are talking about his binky.

I need to put some better pics up but these are just the ones Josh had on his phone that were more easily accessible than the ones on my camera. I am pathetic, I know! Sorry!

Oh Man!

I feel bad, here is one more blog without pictures but I had to tell this story before I forget it.

I walked into the hallway after changing Luke's diaper. Isaac was kicking one of his books all around. I said to him, "Isaac if you keep kicking your book around you might ruin it. Are you sure you want to keep kicking it?" Isaac gave me a suspicious little look, took his foot and gave the book one last hard kick down the stairs. He looked at me and in the most fake(but hillarious) voice said, "Ooops." The he put his hand on his forhead and said, "Oh, Man!" That kid kills me. I seriously don't know what to do with him!

So, Luke is a 100%, through and through, a bona fide mama's boy. He won't go to anyone, not even Josh! Josh and I laugh because Josh will be holding him and he will cry and the second he hands Luke to me, Luke does a calming down whimper and then stops crying. I guess it is a blessing and a curse. I have the gratification of knowing he always wants me yet I never get a break. Sure love that boy!

Handprints on the Storm Door

I just had a little thought I would like to share. I was talking to a woman today who has several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She just loves babies and wanted to hold Luke and play with Isaac. She told me how when her children were little she always liked to have everything be perfectly clean and neat. She had a storm door that the children would put their hands on to look out and she would always be wiping away handprints. As she was playing with Isaac she said, "Oh, I would give anything to have little handprints on my storm door again." Time with our children goes by too fast. Sometimes I find myself putting off playing with my kids or spending time with them to "wipe the handprints off of the storm door." I hope I can overlook the things that don't matter so that I have more time for the things that do.

Don't worry Grandma's I will put pictures up of Isaac and Luke on my next blog post!