Baby Luke

Alright everyone...sorry it has taken me so long to put up some pictures of Luke. I am one that it takes me awhile to back into the swing of things. And unfortunately blogging isn't one of the things I have ever really been "in the swing of things" with! But here is my beautiful new precious little baby!

Luke came into the world rather quickly to say the least. I started going into labor somewhere between 8:30 and 9:00 in the morning on November 9. My only real clue was that the contractions were consistant. I had been having more sporatic ones for a couple weeks before that. I new Josh had a meeting at work at 11:00 that he was presenting at and I was worried about reaching him then so I called him and told him that "it might be a false alarm, but I think I'm in labor...if I call you at all during your meeting, it is an emergency and I need you to come home NOW." At 10:55 I hurried and called Josh and told him that he just needed to come home this was the real deal. Josh got home and I was having some pretty serious contractions. Isaac was down for a nap so we just waited around to let him sleep (not the wisest when you are about to have a baby!) Once he woke up we fed him and got him ready to go to the babysitters. By this point I was VERY ready to go to the hospital. Once we were almost to the hospital we were still a little bit afraid that they might turn us away so Josh and I were debating on whether or not we should go to his parents and do a little bit more of my labor somewhere other than the hospital.
At the last minute I said that I really just wanted to be checked. (Good call) When we got there they checked me and I was at a 6! Hurray! They weren't going to send me away and I could get an epidural! My next two contractions were the hardest I have ever felt. (I had been doing hypnobirthing so I could get through most of my labor, but these were pretty bad) I shot off the bed(about the most miserable place to have a contraction!) And was down on all fours when the nurse came in. She told me later that at that moment she new I was complete. She checked me again and I was at a 9 1/2. She yelled to the other nurses that they needed to get me a doctor, any doctor, immediately! She looked at me and said "we're canceling the epidural, you're having a baby." Fear. Moments later the doctor was there and I was pushing out Luke. Somewhere around 6 pushes later Luke had arrived! From the time we got to the hospital to the time Luke arrived was 30 minutes. A little bit too close for comfort. My beautiful baby Luke was 7lbs 15oz and 20.5 inches long. Leave it to a baby to make you fall in love again!

Because he was born so fast his face was really bruised and purple when he was born. You can kind of tell in this picture.

My three handsome boys! I am SO blessed! Isaac has been such a good big brother/senior helper. I have been so pleased watching him with Luke. I don't think Isaac could love him more.

Isaac loves feats(sp?) of strength...jumping off couches, running "fasth", showing off muscles, etc.
And just for kicks, this is Isaacs first picture he has ever taken on his own. Josh was trying to move into view and this is what we ended up with. I can't help myself every time I look at it. It is really quite artistic if you ask me. ;-)

Isaac Photo Shoot

Hey All! We got a haircut and some photos of Isaac before this new baby arrives! This photo shoot was so much fun! We pretty much let him do what he wanted. I did bring ALL of his halloween candy to try and bribe him into posing, though! He didn't do to bad. He managed to hold still for a couple of shots. Nicole, our photographer suggested he read a book for a couple of shots and I think those were the most still he stayed! =-)

Josh and I were talking about how he totally looks like Josh when he smiles! Kind of the Richard Gere eyes. Strange how they can be totally my eyes when he isn't smiling and totally Josh's when he is! I sure love this little guy! Hope you enjoy the pics! Thanks for the sweater Mom and Dad! He looks so cute in it! And thank you so much Nicole for doing the photo shoot with Isaac and being SO patient with him! These turned out great!