My Water Boy!

Josh always tells me that there are dirt boys, fire boys, and water boys. Isaac is definately a water boy! I took Isaac swimming for the first time today! The Shum's invited us to go to a little community pool which was perfect for Isaac's first experience. We were the only ones in the pool. I forgot my camera so Kaulana took a picture on his phone for us. Isaac absolutely loved the pool. He squealed in delight over and over again. He was just crazy about all of that water! The Shum's have a little son named Paxton that Isaac was having fun playing with. They wrestled over a diaper for a little bit and pulled eachothers hair. Just the sort of thing that baby boys do, I guess. It was funny anyway.The only sad part of the day was that Josh couldn't be with us. Kaulana emailed the picture to Josh right after he took it(thanks to modern technology) and when Josh got it he had some mixed made him feel like crying, but he thought it was so cute he couldn't help but laugh. He told his co-workers that "I missed my son's first time job satisfaction has just gone down."

We're Back!

It has been way too long since I blogged. To update you, Isaac and I both got pretty sick in the middle of July. I was up for four nights in a row, one of them I was throwing up! The next week Isaac and I went to Rexburg and stayed with my parents for a week. Heaven. One of my best friends, Kelly McCready, got married while we were up I got to go to that. It was a big highlight. My friend and her husband had a dance for money where guests could pay to dance with either of them. I paid and handed Isaac to Kelly. I forgot my camera otherwise I would have pictures of that. You might be asking yourself where Josh has been all of this time. The answer:working the fall tax busy season. We have basically been in survival mode. We have seen him a little bit here and there, but for the most part it has been pretty much just Isaac and me. The good news, though, is that busy season is almost over! Hip Hip Hurray! I will have a husband again!(Actually, he has been really helpful...that night I was throwing up, he was holding back my hair so that it wouldn't fall into the cascade of pepperoni's, sausage, and stomach bile. And he drove us up to Rexburg and picked us up a week later! I love you, Josh!)

Here is my sweet little toad. Josh calls him "the toad" all of the time and I have picked up on it and now lovingly refer to him as "toad" or "toady."