One night awhile ago, I was giving Isaac a bath. I picked up a little cup, filled it up, and pored the water onto him. Isaac tried to wrap his little fingers around that water stream and hold onto it. He didn't lose interest in doing this for many more baths. His interest intrigued me. Having a child has brought so much magic into living. Things I forgot to care about a long time ago have suddenly become new and wonderful. Even miraculous. The first day it snowed. Sitting on cool green grass. Swinging in a swing. The blue sky with a puffy white cloud. Halloween. Christmas. Music. Laughter. Things that seemed routine suddenly have a new sparkle. There is a song that I heard when I was young that seems to fit this thought perfectly A few of the words are: "There's a difference between a child and a grownup. We see the world through different eyes. A child sees all the magic and wonder and beauty. If only we could realize and see the world through different eyes." I am grateful for children, especially for my little Isaac.