Happy Birthday, Dad!

I am grateful for September 30, 1981 because it is the day that the best man I know came into the world! Woohoo! Happy Birthday, Josh! Josh was also born on his mom's birthday. So for his birthday Josh wanted to go see a BYU football game and to take his mom to it...so the saturday before Josh's birthday, we got tickets and all met up at the Lavell Edwards stadium. It was a blast! However, having a baby at a football game makes watching it a whole new experience! We dropped his pacifier down in between the railings of the stadium and went on a hunt down the many levels to try and find it! Nap time was also a new experience at a game because everytime the crowd errupted, Isaac's whole body would startle awake! Not quite what we expected when we imagined taking our first son to his first BYU football game, but still a lot of fun!

We actually had Isaac in a really cute BYU onesie before we left for the game, but right on cue Isaac had a major fecal explosion all over it!

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Since the game was before Josh's birthday I still wanted to come up with something to make his actual birthday special. As soon as Josh left for work on the 30th, Isaac and I put our kitchen into motion! I flew trying to make treats and get myself ready and Isaac ready to make it up to Salt Lake by lunch time. We came up and surprised Josh and kidnapped him for lunch. I think Josh had a lot of fun showing off Isaac to his office.

We love you, Josh!(Isaac is doing a half grin!)

Happy Birthday, Dad! (Please tell me that when you look at this face you can't help but smile,too!)

And one more very cute picture of Isaac for good measure!


Em said...

That sounds like a way fun birthday! happy birthday Josh!

Nicole said...

I love that big smile of his in the 2nd to last...or was it 3rd to last picture? Anyway, so cute! And again, I like his hair like that. It suits him.

Mandy said...

OH gosh! He is SO STINKIN' CUTE!

Brienne Shumway said...

So cute!

maria said...

So cute! Happy B-day Joshy boy!

Melanie & Paul said...

Mary I love the story about the chirstmas lights! That's HILARIOUS!!

Amber Joy said...

I love his little smile! Adorable.

Happy Birthday, Josh! Just so you know, David is jealous that you are so close to be able to go to a BYU game....he wishes he still was.

We miss you guys!

Allred's said...

Hey Mary and Josh,

I just found your blog and we have one too.
This is Mary Allred your cousin.
Your little boy is so cute!

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