Isaac Photo Shoot

Hey All! We got a haircut and some photos of Isaac before this new baby arrives! This photo shoot was so much fun! We pretty much let him do what he wanted. I did bring ALL of his halloween candy to try and bribe him into posing, though! He didn't do to bad. He managed to hold still for a couple of shots. Nicole, our photographer suggested he read a book for a couple of shots and I think those were the most still he stayed! =-)

Josh and I were talking about how he totally looks like Josh when he smiles! Kind of the Richard Gere eyes. Strange how they can be totally my eyes when he isn't smiling and totally Josh's when he is! I sure love this little guy! Hope you enjoy the pics! Thanks for the sweater Mom and Dad! He looks so cute in it! And thank you so much Nicole for doing the photo shoot with Isaac and being SO patient with him! These turned out great!


Em said...

Oh my word he looks so grown up in these!

Eric and Jill said...

He is such a handsome little guy! I'm so glad you got the one of him reading because that is absolutely my favorite. And you're right...his eyes do remind me of Richard Gere!

maria said...

SO CUTE! I wish I'd done more professional pictures with my kids-it sure makes a difference!

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