Forever Family

There has been an empty picture frame hanging in my family room for over five months now. I hung it in anticipation of a future family picture, not realizing that it would be hanging there empty for almost half of a year! Well, last week we finally went and got families pictures taken. It ended up being so much fun. The photographer had a little dog that Isaac kept staring at the whole time...we will have to see if there are any pictures of him actually looking at the camera!

After posing for our family pictures we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple openhouse. It was such a neat experience having my little family in the temple even though it hasn't been dedicated yet. Isaac was so peaceful the whole time. In one part they invite everyone to sit down in the temple while they talk about sealing families together. When they finished speaking, Isaac let out a little happy sound. Before we left the sealing room, we held up Isaac and looked at our family in the mirrors on opposite walls. People call them them the mirrors of eternity because the reflection seems to go on forever. Josh and I have seen our reflection in these mirrors many times, but we had to laugh when we saw an infinite amount of carseats!

When we got home we did a few of our own little family pictures to put up on the blog.


Kaulana and Nicole said...

Fun! Where did you got get portraits done? I like Isaac's outfit. It's cute.

Olivia.Leta said...

Isaac looks so much older! I can't wait to see your family pictures.

maria said...

That kid is so stinkin cute! Post some of your pics when you get them.

Eric and Jill said...

That outfit is really cute on him and he seems to know it. That's a fun experience to really see the family is forever concept with your own smaller family.

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