Isaac's 1st Parade & Fireworks!

One week ago we went to the Orem Summer Fest. They have a big parade and then a couple of hours later they do fireworks. The nice thing about the parade this year was there were clouds overhead blocking the sun. Normally it is scorching while we watch the floats go by. The clouds were a bad thing, also. They brought rain pouring down on us! It was actually a blast. We got Isaac all covered up and warm and then we walked to my brother- in-laws house for some hot cocoa and apple-cider...all this in June! Can you believe it? We were all soaked and wet haired by the time we got there. After the rain died down they shot off the fireworks. We put Isaac in the car and went to find a parking spot. We got really close and pulled Isaac out. He was fascinated, as I am sure most babies are, by the fireworks. We plugged his ears so the loud "booms" would be somewhat stifled out...I am not sure how good of a job we did though. It was such a fun family evening. While we were watching the fireworks together, Josh made the comment, "This is the stuff movies are made out of." What a great moment.

Isaac was so tired while we were watching the parade. He fell asleep half way through it. There were two girls standing above me screaming at every float! I wanted to look up and say, "Hey, I've got a sleeping baby here," but then I realized that I was at a parade. =0) So I got up and moved. Hehe
..."and the rain came tumbling down."
Isaac's first kiss...besides me. This is my cute little niece. She just loves Isaac! Both of our hair is wet and curly from the walk home!
Watching the fireworks...the stuff movies are made of!


Julie said...

You have such a cute little boy! Rob and I are expecting our boy this week. Your blog looks great. It is fun to see and read what you have been up to!

Heather said...

It was so good seeing you guys today. He is such a little pumpkin! Love him. (and you!)

Angie and Kyle said...

Mary it was so fun to see you at the reunion! You have such a cute little family :)

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