Visiting Grandpa and Granny Glo

A couple of weekends ago we went down and visited St. George. That is where I grew up. My parents moved away, but my grandparents still live there. We went and spent a couple of days with them and then on Saturday we went to my high school reunion. The reunion was fun, but the highlight was definately seeing my grandparents with Isaac. My grandpa just adores babies, especially ones that are his own flesh and blood. My grandpa was orphaned as a little boy and everyone told him that he couldn't expect to be anything. He served in WWII and almost died on several occasions. His life could have been something of a tragedy if he had let it, but my grandpa had some good examples in his life and he wanted to aspire to something more. When he got home from the war he met a beautiful and virtuous woman named Mary(that's where I get my name.) They had seven children, three of which passed away not long after they were born. My grandma also passed away when she was fifty years old. My grandpa is something of a hero to me. He has been through more than I can comprehend and has born it all with a smile. If you know my grandpa he is always telling jokes and making stories sound even bigger and better than they really are! Often he pretends like he is being serious, but you can always catch a twinkle in his eye. He remarried a wonderful lady who we call "Granny Glo." Together they have 8 surviving children, 27 grandchildren, and 20+ great grand children! My grandpa's life is nothing short of a miracle! I love you grandpa!

Granny Glo and Isaac

Grandpa wanted to give Isaac a ride on his Jazzy. Grandpa and Isaac enjoyed it a lot!

Isaac just loved grandpa. He smiled at him constantly and wouldn't stop touching his face.

Isaac and Grandpa chillin' in Grandpa's rocking chair.

Oh, and here is another one I can chalk up for embarassing moments: I have always thought I have things pretty under control. That was until I had a baby. We went to church with my grandparents and I was in the mothers lounge nursing and changing diaper and trying to use the bathroom. I came out of the bathroom and who knows how long I was standing there or how many people saw me, but anyways, a lady came up to me and said, "your skirt is tucked up into your garments." Yes, my whole rearend had been exposed to the world. Yay for being a mom!


maria said...

What a cute Grandpa! Who wouldn't love a ride in the jazzy!

Kaulana and Nicole said...

Oh my word! Your skirt was in your garments? It's too bad I missed that. : )

The Waldon Family said...

LOVE the pictures Mary! Especially the one of Isaac touching Grandpa's face, that is really sweet. :)

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