Hair, hair, and more hair!

I am sure that you are all very sick of hearing about Isaac's hair, but this is the last one I promise! You may have noticed that in some of the most recent pictures I have put up, Isaac's hair is a little bit shorter...yeah well, we cut it! I actually did cry a little bit. Pathetic, I know. Here is Isaac's hair cut from beginning to end:a before, during, and after picture.

Here is the before picture. When my mom saw this picture she asked me if we had already cut half of Isaac's hair in it. The answer: no. His hair was just extra crazy that day...perhaps that is how it was every day and I just didn't realize it.

Isaac looks like he is excited to have his hair cut, too.
Actually, I am not sure what this face means...

Right is a picture of me cutting the first locks.
It was a momentous, but very sad occasion. I almost couldn't bring myself to doing it. Isaac is doing a good job of looking sad about it, too.

Left is the "during" picture that I promised. Isaac was really interested in the feeling of the electric shaver. Look how long the peices of hair are on the counter!...Yes, we did this on the kitchen counter. I learned my lesson. I still get a hair here and a hair there when I wipe down the counter!

Here is the "after" picture. I thought the haircut turned out pretty good. Isaac looks very handsome and much more like a missionary. It was quite the fun little family adventure! It has been about a month now since we did this and Isaac is looking a little shaggy again. I guess he will have had two haircuts by the time he is five months old!


Fielding Family said...

Hey Mary! That is super cute. Ella still doesn't really have any hair. Hey I thought I'd leave you a note- if you would like to check out our blog (it's private) send me an e-mail and I'll send you an invite! Megan (Hutchings) Fielding

Kaulana and Nicole said...

We think Isaac looked even cuter after his hair cut too. And it's time for Paxton to get his first real haircut too! It's getting too long.

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