All The News!

So...a lot has happened since my last blog post. Ugh. I guess that is what happens when you never post! Sorry!
I guess I will just run through a list of the new things that have happened in our life!

1- I am pregnant! Yay! Baby number 2 is on its way!!

2- We got a new piano and we love it! It is a digital piano and Josh is in heaven because he can record different parts of a song...making it possible for him to create a symphony in our home. Our home suddenly became much more musical!

3- We cut a hole under our stairs in the closet giving us a lot more stotrage space! Yay for some more sanity! Baby room closets are cleaned out!

4- We painted one room in our living room green. I love it. And we put up curtains.

5- Josh got in a car accident. He is totally fine! Thankfully. However, the metro is totaled.

6- We bought Isaac a sandbox, a slide, and a pool for the backyard. Can I just say that my child is ALL boy. He loves playing in the sandbox and eating the dirt. His mouth is the first place the dirt goes. Yuck! Last night he came up with a new way to go down his slide: face first with not so much as a hand to protect his face. He would face plant into the grass, laugh hysterically, and then run up the slide to do it all over again. This lasted about 15 minutes! I am not sure what I am in for as the mother of this child, but I am a little worried. I think he has some serious tackle football in his future! :-)

Isaac is now 16 months old and hilarious! He is constantly trying to make me laugh. He makes crazy faces with wierd noises that I think he must have gotten from Josh. ;-) My favorite word that he says currently is "Datoo"="Thank you." It is always said with a smile and it melts my heart.

Isaac at the Dinosaur Museum. It has a huge sandbox. Isaac is in sand heaven and couldn't be happier!


Nicole said...

We are definitely envious of your digital piano. What an awesome trade you guys were able to do! And your green wall really did turn out cute!

Annie. said...

CONGRATS YOU ARE PREGNANT! Yippee, that is fabulous! When are you due?

Isaac is so cute he's to die for. I just LOVE the sand photos in his mouth! Too funny. Post more often, I love hearing about how you are doing!

Oh, and I am very sorry to hear about the car. :( Shoot!

Aleisha said...

Thanks for the update! Congrats on baby #2! Your world that you just mastered with one kid is about to change forever! When are you due?

I love your cute pictures Isaac is so cute!

If you want to see a storage problem, come visit :) Closets and the word storage don't exist at all in our home. Junkpile might be a better description... guess that's what happens when you live in NY. Actually we're moving soon so our problems will be solved! Hopefully.

Brienne Shumway said...

Yay! It's good to hear from you Mary. It's good to hear that things are going well. Congrats on baby #2! And I am glad that Josh is okay. Car accidents are always scary.

Eric and Jill said...

Its always good to hear from you! Love that he's such a boy and am so impressed that you let him. Yeah for your next, I'm sure it'll be just as cute as this one.
I love digital pianos but wow are they complicated. I've had one for a while and still can't figure out the whole record issue yet!
Keep posting when you can. I don't hear from you otherwise!

Amber Joy said...

Mary, what happy news! I'm so excited for you! How far along are you?

Isaac is a total cutie and I'm so glad you posted pictures of him. He has grown so much since I last saw him....He is a handsome little guy.

Hope you guys are doing well!

Linds said...

Yay, welcome back to blogging! Issac is so cute! I love those pictures with sand in his mouth! Hilarious!

Fielding Family said...
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Fielding Family said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! Two babies are definitelly twice as much fun ;) Good luck! ~Megan

Fielding Family said...

I meant definitely ;)

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