Happy Birthday: LOVE

Well, I think it is about time that I had a new post and what a better day to do it that on Josh's birthday! Happy Birthday, Josh. This is a going to be a very small and insufficient tribute to you, but I hope you know how much I love you!

These are some things that probably everyone already knows about Josh that make him wonderful, but I am going to write them anyway:

1-Josh wakes up singing a song every morning....Literally. They are usually made up by him and make me laugh histerically! Oh, and they are usually accompanied by a dance.

2- Josh always has a beat going whether it is with his pen, his head, his leg, his hands, his spoon, fork, etc. Like father like son. I am glad that is an attribute Isaac picked up from you!

3- Josh is absolutely not afraid to be himself around ANYONE. I think it makes everyone comfortable to be themselves around him, too.

4- Josh lOves to make people laugh...and the more shocking the better!

5- I really don't think Josh has a temper. Really. In our whole marriage the most angry he has ever gotten at me was, "Ya, I'm a little bugged." I think he is the most patient person I have EVER met. I have alot to learn.

6- Josh is an extraordinary dad. He wishes he spent more time down on the floor, but I can say from watching that there isn't much more time he could spend on the floor with Isaac. I think he would have to aVoid using the bathroom and eating.

7- Josh is incredibly in tuned to the spirit and the needs of those around him. Many times I have seen him helping someone that no one else noticed needed help.

8- Josh is the perfect husband. I often wonder why I got so lucky to have him choose me. If I knew then what I know now, not going on a mission would have been the EASIEST decision of my lifE.

I love you, Josh!

Happy Birthday!


The Waldon Family said...

Hooray for good husbands, they make life wonderful. :)

Nicole said...

Good husbands really go make life so much better and easier. Yay for finding a good match for you! And happy birthday to Josh!

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