Isaac is napping, Luke is napping, and I am not I realize I have some TIME! Another realization I am having is that I am terrible at getting the pictures from the camera downloaded to the computer and I feel like I can't do a blog unless I put pictures up. I know it will make my blog more boring with occasional writings without pictures, but hopefully the content will at least appease the grandparents. Although, I know all that they really want to see are pictures of the babies and so maybe this will just be my journal.

A couple of months ago I started a new tactic with Isaac. You see, just like most moms I am sure, I will occasionally ask Isaac to do something and he is not willing to do it, ie., get dressed, get a diaper change, put toys away, etc. So, I decided that when I asked him to do something, if he didn't want to do it I would just wait until he asked ME for something (which is inevitable). Once he asked me for something I would remind him of what I had asked him to do and told him I would get him what he wanted once he did what I asked. This worked very well for awhile. But this kid is smart! One day he needed a diaper change. I asked him to come over and let me change his diaper. He gave me the most smug little look and said "Fruit snack? Diaper change." In other words, if he let me change his diaper he needed some fruit snacks in return. I laughed out loud! I need a new way to outsmart him!

Isaac says some words so funny. Particularly when he puts an "s" before and "m" or an "n." As in: snack, smell, snow, etc. Rather than saying the "s" sound, he puffs air through is "snack" becomes "(puff)nack." And "smell" becomes "(puff)mell." It makes me laugh every time. I think I will be sad when he learns to say those words right.

Isaac got really sick about a month ago. We were giving him antibiotics and tylenol. He was laying sick on the couch and Josh brought over his next doses. Isaac rolled over closed his eyes and said "I tired, sleeping, nanite."

Luke has some fun news, too! At his two month appt. he was a couple oz. shy of being a whopping fifteen pounds! People see how big he is and I often get asked, "He must be sleeping well since he is so big, right?" All I say is that "In order to get this big you have to be eating a lot! Even through the night."

Luke, being the big boy that he is, is also very strong. He rolled over several times right when he turned two months...but he has decided that is not something he really wants to do since. Oh well, Isaac didn't like rolling over either and he has turned out fine.

As for me, I think I am finally getting the hang of having two children. I am able to get both of them down for bed by myself, give them baths without help, and I have even gotten my grocery shopping done with two children in tow!(Although, there was an old man who stared at me for a good thirty seconds like I was crazy. I did have groceries piled all round Luke in his carseat and Isaac in the child seat on the front of the cart, but I didn't think I looked that wierd. I thought he could have made his shock a little bit less obvious!) It has taken almost three months, but at last I am starting to feel more in control of my life again! Yay!


maria said...

Yay for updates! I just watched an old home movie of Gavin at about 2 & Kesley at about 7 months--so much going on all at once! Fun & exhausting at the same time. Keep a journal because, if you are anything like me, you will not remember much of what is going on right now! :)

Brienne Shumway said...

Yay! Mary you are such a good and sweet mommy. Those boys are lucky to have you (including Josh)!

Eric and Jill said...

I loved your stories! Especially the fact that Isaac is so smart. I pray all my children will be able to outsmart me continuously.
Congratulations on getting your life back. Amazing how complex two kids can be.
It sounds like you are doing well. Just have to tell you though, I watched Pride and Prejudice the last few nights. Its funny how every time I watch it, I always hear you squeal whenever Elizabeth and Mr Darcy look at each other. Thank you again for introducing me into such an innocent world of enjoyment.

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