I Wanna Be Happy!

Here are a couple cute stories about Isaac this week.

The other day I was changing Luke's diaper and he had just done a "good poop." Good color, good consistency and a good amount! He hadn't had that for a little while and so while I was changing him I was saying things like, "Oh Luke, your poop is looking SO good. That makes mommy so happy!" Isaac also was excited that Lukes poop was making me so happy. Later on, after that diaper change was long forgotten I was changing Isaac's poopy diaper. I was almost done and was just putting on the new diaper when Isaac looked up at me and said, "My poop make you happy, too?" I immediately began congratulating him for a diaper well filled as well! So cute!

The other day Isaac fell off of the couch and bonked his head. It had hurt him pretty good and he was crying really hard about it. Through his binky he kept saying something that sounded like, "awabeeuppee," over and over again. I finally pulled out his binky and asked him to say it for me again. He cried, "I wanna be happy!" I really love this kid!

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Nicole said...

Haha. That's funny. I love hearing things that kids say.

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