Little Moments

I just have to write a few things before I forget them.

Lately the flies and the mosquitos have been outrageous this summer! A few seconds with the door open and you have let droves of bugs into the house! Ugh! As a result I have had Isaac come stand by the door and once I open it we make a mad dash into the house "so that we don't let the flies and the mosquitos in!" A couple of days ago Josh was urging Isaac to come inside quickly. Isaac got a smug little grin on his face, started walking very slowly,turning his head side to side, and in a slow neener-neener-neener voice said, "I'm letting mosquitos in. I'm letting mosquitos in."

I don't think I have painted my toenails once since Isaac was born, but about a week ago I just really needed a break and decided to go and get a pedicure. I did a bright pinky-purple nail polish just to remind myself that I am a woman! When I came home I was doing something and Isaac was walking by me looking at the ground. When he came to my feet, he looked up at me with pure shock on his face and cried out, "Mom, your toes is pink!" He was worried and thought I needed a band-aid!

Josh and Isaac were playing together with blocks that have letters on them. Josh arranged a few and said, "Isaac, this says 'Josh'." Isaac then arranged about 12 letters, pointed to them and said, "Daddy, this says 'Isaac Wobert PanCott!'"

Josh had been working a lot doing some big tax returns and as a result hadn't been home much for awhile. Isaac had been missing his dad quite a bit. One night I told him that, "Daddy is on his way home!" Isaac started laughing really hard. He said, "That makes me happy." Then he reached up and started rubbing his eye. He said, "I scratch my eye, there is some water in it." Aw...his first experience crying because he was so happy!

I feel bad that there are just so many stories about Isaac and so little about Luke. But anyways, Luke is on the verge of crawling but not quite there yet. He rocks on all fours and scoots around and rolls to things he wants to get to. He has the BEST sense of humor and his personality is as rolly polly as he is.

Luke will also let you know when he is REALLY mad about something. For instance, like when Isaac takes toys away from him or teases him with somethings he wants.(Does it start this young really??) When he is upset he does an earthshattering scream that can actually be quite startling. I made one humorous discovery about him today. Luke really likes dancing to music. I guess I always knew this, I just wasn't aware of how much. Today we turned on the "Mickey Mouse Club March" on our piano. We do this occasionally and dance to it. Today he really wanted to keep dancing. Every time the song would end Luke would let out his shockingly loud scream/cry. There were REAL tears. Wow. This would continue until we turned the music back on and then he would immediately revert back to giggling and laughing again. Oh, and he had just woken up from a long nap so being tired wasn't why he was giggling and laughing and then crying. I am very interested to see what this kid is like as he grows up. Or should I be nervous! ;-)

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