Excuse me?

One thing that having a blog has made me do, is notice things about life that I could write on here. Yesterday I was standing on one side of a wide path talking to a friend. A little girl in a flowery little dress walked up to me and said, "Excuse me,"...she said this several times before I noticed (my bad)...Anyways, I finally looked down at this little girl wondering what she wanted. I assumed that she had something to say, but instead she said, "excuse me," again. Finally I realized what she wanted...so with half of the path unobstructed I moved over so that she could walk on the part that I was currently standing on. This caught me as ironic...so here I am writing about it. Isn't it true to life, though? We feel entitled to things, whether or not they should be ours. It seems that this is what we as parents are trying to teach our children: that they are not entitled to everything they want whenever they want it. And then even if we spend all of our time trying to teach them that, there is still a feeling of entitlement even into adulthood. I think my mom did a pretty good job of teaching me this principle and here I am as a 23 year old adult still feeling entitled to things. I feel entitled to a break at the end of the day when Josh gets home from a 12 hour grueling work day! Or how about this, I feel entitled to a "thank you for dinner," when all I did was slap two weiners into a premade bun? In the mornings I am the one that deserves more sleep, because I was the one up nursing all night...when in fact Josh stays awake to keep me company, changes the diapers, and even goes and gets me a drink most nights. A little girl wanting to walk on the part of the path I am standing on is beginning to seem less ironic now. I just want to say thank you to my sweet husband Josh for taking the baby so that I can relax a little, for making it sound like even my hot dogs are the essence of fine dining, and for letting me be the one who gets the extra hour of sleep in the morning. More simply said, "Thank you, Josh for being the one to move so that I can walk straight on the path."

Funny side note: When I walked into Isaac's room last night, I was met by a high-pitched note... sung by Josh this time!(Read previous blog) We are well on our way to having an unspoiled child who never expects anything from us!

Here is me feeling entitled to something: a break...some sympathy? Who took this picture anyway?


maria said...

So true! I say this as my husband is out enjoying a night out...which only means I am going to want an entire day as re-payment! I deserve at least that, right? ;)

I have to admit, I am a little jealous. I don't think Brent ever even heard a baby cry in the night, let alone stay up to keep me company or change a diaper! That Joshy Boy is a pretty sweet guy.

Eric and Jill said...

I always just find it funny that really we think that it must always be better on the other side. Like the path you were standing on would be smoother, easier to walk across and thus we will stop at nothing to cross but in reality it may have even been worse and yet we refuse to see because its what we want.
I have heard repeatedly though that our generation and younger do feel that we are entitled to a lot more. I think that if all you want is an extra hour of sleep and a "thank-you" for dinner...I think you're on the better side of things!But I am impressed Josh keeps you company at night. Eric says he will but thats one where its much easier said than done!

Lexey, Sean & Alaina said...

Cute blog!! I love your post! I hope you guys had a fun and relaxing vacation!!

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