The Tulip Festival

This last week Isaac and I went to the tulip festival four times! It was so much fun! One of the times I got my sister-in-laws and their kids together to go. The kids had a blast rolling down the hills and playing on the grass. It made me excited to think about when Isaac will be doing all of that, too. Later on that day I took Josh back to it so that he could see how spectacular it was. There was so much color. It really was incredible...a sort of romantic paradise. We saw dance groups there for prom, and lots of couples on dates. It was raining so Thanksgiving Point handed out lots of huge umbrella's for everyone to use. And then to top it off there was a huge waterfall in the middle of it all. It really was so picturesque.

This is my neice and I standing next to the bagpipers. They were just walking around playing their bagpipes to give the gardens an Irish/Scottish ambiance.

These are some of my sister-in-laws and mother-in-law taking pictures of the kids rolling down the hill.

Isaac woke up to nurse while we were walking around so I kept him out of his stroller and took a few pictures with him!

These were my favorite Tulips in the garden.

Isaac looking out from his carseat! He is just SO cute!

Now I just wish I could go to Holland and see the beautiful Tulip fields there!


Kaulana and Nicole said...

Wow, four times in one week! I never even made it back with Kaulana. We tried Saturday but with all the rain, it wouldn't have made for great family pictures. Plus we just plain ran out of time because we were busy doing a bunch of other stuff. Oh well. We can always go to the gardens again another day.

Darin and Kristine said...

How fun is that???? You look happy with your life. I am so glad. :D


The Waldon Family said...

Love the pictures!! You were right about Isaac looking like a general authority, that's pretty cute! You look great Mary!

Eric and Jill said...

I love the picture of him in his carseat. So cute.

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