Isaac Sleeps in the Bathroom Now?!?!

Sometimes I only feel like I can write on here if we have done something interesting recently. But I figured that isn't true...why not write about what I do with Isaac on a daily basis? Why not tell where you can find me at any given moment? The anwer to that is upstairs, in the corner of Isaac's nursery rocking him in our big oversized rocking chair. While doing this I am singing a high-pitched note as loudly as I can, (yes one single note that sounds similar to screaming but isn't) trying to soothe my baby. I know, it's wierd that that is what soothes him to sleep...even wierder is that I discovered it. In an attempt to be less disturbing to my neighbor's I am trying something new suggested by one of my friends. She told me I need to put him in a pitch black room so he won't be distracted by the light. The only room that this happens to be in my house is the bathroom...either that or the closet and shutting my baby up in the closet just doesn't sound as good for some reason. This is only temporary until I go by some black-out blinds for his bedroom, but in the meantime I spend my days working on getting my child to take a half-decent nap in his pitch black chamber.

Here are my two sweet boys. By the look on his face I am not sure that Isaac is liking this.

Here is the large, oversized rocking chair in his bedroom. Doesn't he look tiny in it?

And here is Isaac sleeping. One very exhausted little baby.


Kaulana and Nicole said...

You know, I've been thinking the same thing about blog posts and how I should just post something more ordinary (or I guess for blogs, out of the ordinary). Good idea. I should do that. Also, that last picture is funny and cute. I love it when they get so tired they can sleep in any weird position. : )

Heather said...

You are so funny. I would love to here this high pitched note that you speak of! haha. He's lookin' so cute. We need to go on a walk!

Eric and Jill said...

THat's so funny cause he does look so small in that bed. But as for your questions...I'm due September 7, 2009. I am thinking of the name Elizabeth Jane. Do you think that will guarentee my daughter to like Jane Austin?
I'm glad you'll post just normal life because that's the part I miss the most is just the silly everyday things that happen.

maria said...

I give you one more week of the high pitched screaming in a dark bathroom...why am I laughing just picturing this? I gotta say, I think the closet is going to start to sound more and more inviting. Just know, it will not kill him and it may keep you sane...only kidding...we do what we have to, right? Dang kids. :) Ok, I'm still laughing!

Thanks for the Tulip Festival! I hope Brent and I didn't kill your stroll with Josh!

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